The Daily Post: Living Art


My art collection consists of several elephants and a few Kokepelli pieces.  Should they come to life?  Well I think my landlord might be a bit upset, but it’d be a dream come true from me.  Riding an elephant is on my bucket list.  Having a hundred of my very own, I would be like a kid a Christmas. I wish they’d come to life in their original size… That’s be awesome.  I’d have a box of miniature elephants.

As for the Kokepelli, I’m not so sure.  I hear they’re a symbol of, love, good fortune, health, etc, but I don’t imagine sitting on a dusty shelf all this time is motivating them to bless me with such things.

I’m sorry this isn’t in a fancy poem, I’m just rolling out of bed for the day and haven’t had the time to think.  I should also mention that I have no clue how to use ping backs, so if I do it wrong, I sincerely apologize.  I’m still learning…

Your work is like Shell Silverstein.  I’d compile a collection (if you haven’t already) and turn it into book form.  Very cute ideas.

Well, thanks for getting the creative juices flowing!!

~Happy writing!!


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