Daily post: Favorite Mistake

Daily Post:

The biggest mistake I have made in my life thus far, is marrying the man I did.  I was way too young, and assumed we were doing what was expected of us (marriage, house, baby, etc.).  I was so lost in being a people pleaser that I failed to realize I was an individual, fully capable of making my own decisions.  I have to admit… I was a sheep in every sense of the word.

However, a few years after we were married, I became pregnant with my one and only son.  He’s now 11 years old, and is my reason for living.  He’s my heartbeat.  I would, without hesitation take a bullet for this kid.  I didn’t know a love like this even existed.

Although my son has little to no communication with his father, I am forever grateful for having met and married him, because had we not, I wouldn’t have this amazing little boy.

Being that today is Father’s Day, I just felt that this “mistake” seemed most appropriate.  Here’s tot he man making a HUGE difference in MY child’s life; to the man my son wishes was his real Dad.  We love you!!!

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s out there!!  Dad’s, Step Dad’s, Fill in Dad’s where the biological dad has voluntarily removed himself from the child’s life, to any and every man making a positive impact on the life of a child.  Kudos to you ALL!  Your efforts may seem to be un-noticed now, but believe me, they will be much appreciated later on in life.



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