The Daily Post: Familial Feasts

The Daily Post: Children’s Day

Yesterday was Father’s Day in many countries. If you could dedicate a holiday to a more distant relative, who would it be — and why?

We have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, Secretaries Day… but we have no day with the exception of birthdays to acknowledge our children.  I think there should be a day specifically devoted to our children; their accomplishments, their individuality, our pride for them, our love for them, a day devoted entirely to boosting their confidence.  So, distant relative?  Not so much.  But now that you’ve got me thinking about it, I’M going to mark a day on the calendar for such a day for my son.  Maybe I’ll even let him pick the day.

We believe that we do all of these things on a daily basis, but do we?  Our faces are constantly plastered in our phones and our computers.  Do we acknowledge our children in the way we really should be?  Or are we just yessing them to death so we can post whatever it is we’re in the middle of posting on Facebook?  Or are we too busy writing or doing whatever it is we do to truly acknowledge them for who they are.  Do we celebrate their individuality?  Do we encourage their achievements?  I think our intentions are good, but I also think we’re too caught up in technology to realize we’re actually ignoring what really matters in the eyes of our children.

Look up Please check out this link.  It’s very powerful and a major reality check.

Here’s to the love of my life; my heartbeat, my reason for living. You rock little man!!!  And I LOVE to see you smile!!

heart beat


3 thoughts on “The Daily Post: Familial Feasts

  1. Nilesh Prajapati says:

    In India, we celebrate Children’s Day every year on November 14. I think this should be celebrated all over the world.

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