Daily Prompts – City Planners


City Planners

If you could clone one element from another city you’ve visited — a building, a cultural institution, a common street food, etc. — and bring it back to your own hometown, what would it be?

While visiting Florida, (my first experience on a big plane), we entered the airport, and the only word that comes to mind is magnificent.  There were palm trees and water fountains galore!!

I never really traveled before this trip, so the sight of this alone left me speechless.  I would LOVE to have this right outside my front door, or better yet… tear down the ugly vacant buildings in the heart of town and put this in its place!  It’s beautiful to look at and I’m sure it become a popular spot of inspiration.  I’d actually like to see this in several places throughout the adjoining towns. How could a display of such beauty be a bad thing?  Palm trees in NY… imagine that.

A picture of the inside of the airport… A little slice of heaven.





Daily Prompts – Antique Antics

What’s the oldest thing you own? Recount its history – from the objects point of view.

When I was about 14, I started collecting elephants.  Not just any kind of elephant.  They had to be top realistic looking.  My very first elephant is about an inch high, and if I’m going to write this from his point of you, let me start by saying he’s got a major superiority complex.  No matter how man times I’ve moved, or where ever we go, he always sits on a top shelf, above all the others.  He IS the oldest and therefore the wisest, so the top shelf just seems appropriate.

I only really collect 3 things… Elephants, blue glass and writing supplies.  They all have a special place in my heart.  But looking around the house, I can see that this particular elephant has been through it all with me.  If only he could talk…  He’d have a lot to say, I can assure you that much.  He isn’t ignored.  None of them are.  I dust out the cabinet regularly, and take pride in my collection.  So… let’s say this is now from HIS POV…

I spot her from across the room.  We make eye contact, and it’s love at first sight.  I am so cute that she forgets why she came into this store to begin with.  I’ve never had someone give me such attention!  I love it!!  My happiness is short-lived though.  I’m wrapped in uncomfortable tissue paper and put in a box for what seems like forever. At this point, I’d rather be back on that dusty shelf where I can at least enjoy the scenery.

When the bumpy ride is over, I start to see daylight.  It gets even brighter!  She’s taking me back out!  Oh, thank God!  This tissue paper has me itching all over.  I’m tossed around a bit, shown off (blushing), and before long, I’m placed on her dresser.  The room we share which I assume is hers, has so much more to see!  And colors!!  Look at all the colors!  And… I am officially named!!

I hear her talking all the time; on the phone, when friends come over, but she never talks to me.  I wish she would…  She’s sad today.  I wish I could talk so that I could cheer her up.  She cries herself to sleep most nights but I’m the only one who knows this.  And most times it’s because of some stupid boy.

As the years go by, we move around a lot.  I’m witness to all the special events (marriage, birth of a baby, watching the baby grow into a smart boy, divorce, watching her read and she’s forever writing).  I watch when no one else is around; I see what no one else gets to see.  She has added several other elephants to the cabinet where we reside, but I’m the only one she’s named, and from where I’m sitting (TOP SHELF) I can see more than the rest.

I don’t get as much attention as I once did, but I love my life with her.  She takes good care of me.  I wouldn’t want it any other way…


Fellow Bloggers, meet Oscar Dela Hoya Elephante’…


Sitting Top Shelf!!

Top Shelf



Daily Post: Terminal Time

This actually happened to me…  Not quite 6 hours; it was more like 4.

I’m a people watcher.  I like to find a seat and just watch people stroll by, or race to get to their next plane.  I create scenarios in my head.  For example, the old man sitting there reading the newspaper is on his way to go meet his first newborn grand child.  The lady racing by in high heels and a dress suit is on her way to business meeting where she has to make a really good impression or her job is on the line.  The family of 4 is on their way to some exotic location for a family vacation.  It’s amazing what you can tell about people through their eyes.  The family of 4?  Their eyes are full of excitement, anticipation and adventure.  The other family of 4 is returning from vacation.  Their eyes are tired.  They’ve seen a lot in the last week.  It’s almost as if you can hear them screaming “Take me home and let me close for the next 48 hours!”  But the little old lady, struggling to pull her carry on… she’s going out of state to visit her sister.  Her sister is very sick and the doctors aren’t sure she’s going to make it.  I can see the optimism, but the sadness is much stronger.

When this gets tiresome, I’m never without a good book…







The Daily Post: Worlds Colliding!!

Not so long ago, I became aware that I was a “People Pleaser.”  Talk about awkward!!!  I’m in a room with my sister who loves the excitement of drama, and my mother who is very “Zen” like.  In all honesty, I didn’t know what to do, so I just sat back and let them do all the talking.  It was at this time that I realized the people pleasing HAD to stop.  I had to start being true to myself.  So, the past few years has been a journey of self discovery.  I’ve spent my entire life (35 years) doing/saying things to make everyone else happy.  I no longer had a clue as to who I really was.  What makes ME happy?  What are MY interests?  MY goals in life? MY dreams?  MY bucket list?

Sure we unintentionally slip into this learned persona occasionally (at least I do anyway).  But… I recognize it for what it is (a slip up), acknowledge that it’s bound to happen, and keep moving on this journey.  There was a point in time where I would walk into a room and wonder if everyone liked me.  Now I walk into a room and try to decide if I like them.

These moments are usually awkward as they are happening, but as time passes, we begin to see them in a comical light.  I,too, look forward to other’s responses.  I felt so alone on my journey, but I know now that I’m only one of many.



Writing 101 Day 6: A Character Building Experience

Out of all the people I have met throughout the year 2014, I choose to write about Bob.  For awhile, I was working at a local convenience store.  Every night Bob and Jim would come in, get about $100 in lottery scratch offs and most times provide some serious entertainment (they’d sing a song about a girl named Katie, there were constant jokes and laughter).  Bob is a very quiet person.  In fact, if he knew I was writing about him, he’d probably get upset with me.

Behind the counter, all of us girls would talk and socialize.  It made the work day/night go by faster.  Little did we know that Bob was listening to our conversations.  Valentines day was coming, and I told one of my girlfriends that in all the years I was married, I never received flowers on Valentines Day.  Well, that Valentines Day, Bob showed up at his usual time with a dozen beautiful red roses, special, for me.  We had a conversation about cooking (I’m horrible at it) and Bob comes in a few days later with a big Pyrex dish of pot roast for me to share with my son.  He knew through my conversations that my son’s father wasn’t active in my son’s life and told me to bring him to their fishing spot.  I replied with “Ick… I don’t fish.”  Bob told me to bring a book, but someone needs to teach this boy how to fish!

Now that you’ve got a sense of his character, let me tell you who Bob is…  He is a 75-year-old man.  I’m 35.  If you think there was a romantic connection between us, please let me reassure you, there wasn’t.  Bob is a great man.  As I said, he’s a quiet man, but does a lot of talking with his eyes.  He’s a people watcher.  He sees and hears things, then helps when he can.  He’s a very smart man.  In fact, he’s given me some of the best advice to date.  But it’s his eyes that tell his story.

We’d go out and have a cigarette break together…  He could be talking about something as simple as the weather, and even in the dark with only the fluorescent lights lighting up the lot, his baby blues revealed so much.  He’s had tremendous hurt in his life.  So much so that he’s now very guarded.  He’s got a heart of gold, but afraid to express it for fear of hurting any more.  He has children who don’t acknowledge him (and possible grand children he’s yet to meet), an ex-wife and living alone in seclusion.  I know, because he’s human, he’s lonely.  I fully intend to take my son fishing with him. Not because I feel sorry for him, but so that he has a chance to put his heart to good use.  He’s an honest man (sometimes brutally) but the softness he reveals in a simple glance makes me trust him with my life.  I can always count on his red and black checkered flannel shirt and his baseball cap. His pants come above his ankle showing off black boat shoes.  A burly man.  To look at him, you may assume he’s a drinker, but he hasn’t had a drink in years.

I guess I feel that Bob has had a pretty rough life.  I know he was in the armed forces; his family life isn’t that great and maybe because of all these things combined, my heart goes out to Bob.  I know his time on this earth is limited and I hope that I can in some way bring him a sense of peace.  I’ve already picked out a Father’s Day present for him (because he did admit that his kids don’t acknowledge him). I hope to give the man a sense fulfillment; joy; peace that he for some reason cannot find within himself or his own family members.

Fellow bloggers, meet Bob.  The most unique, kind hearted, inspiring man I’ve ever met.

Daily Post: Binding Judgement

This prompt has been stewing inside of me all weekend!!  It’s a rule in our house; no electronics in the house on weekends.  Yea… it’s killing me!!  But I’d rather be a conscious parent and girlfriend than lost In all my electronic devices.  Anyway…

From as far back as I can remember, I had never judged a single soul.  I always felt as though I didn’t belong… I was different.  I believed everyone at their word.  If they said they were good people, I bought it, hook, line and sinker.  I call it being naïve, others say I was just plain dumb.  Regardless, because of the amount of times I’ve been hurt, I NOW have a tendency to judge people and I don’t like it.  It’s not fair to that person.  They aren’t responsible for my past.  They aren’t the ones who caused me to be bitter and angry.  However, even though I don’t necessarily like it, I feel safer.  It’s not about just me anymore.  I’ve got an 11 year old son.  I have to protect him.  I can’t allow my naivety to get him hurt.

Do I judge?  Guilty.

Do I like it? Not one bit.

Have I lost people or never made a connection with people because of this?  Almost certainly.

Do I regret it?  Sometimes… most times actually.  But again, my son is far more important to jeopardize.





Can you let me know if I’m doing this pingback thing right?  I’d really appreciate it.

The Daily Post: Living Art



My art collection consists of several elephants and a few Kokepelli pieces.  Should they come to life?  Well I think my landlord might be a bit upset, but it’d be a dream come true from me.  Riding an elephant is on my bucket list.  Having a hundred of my very own, I would be like a kid a Christmas. I wish they’d come to life in their original size… That’s be awesome.  I’d have a box of miniature elephants.

As for the Kokepelli, I’m not so sure.  I hear they’re a symbol of, love, good fortune, health, etc, but I don’t imagine sitting on a dusty shelf all this time is motivating them to bless me with such things.

I’m sorry this isn’t in a fancy poem, I’m just rolling out of bed for the day and haven’t had the time to think.  I should also mention that I have no clue how to use ping backs, so if I do it wrong, I sincerely apologize.  I’m still learning…

Your work is like Shell Silverstein.  I’d compile a collection (if you haven’t already) and turn it into book form.  Very cute ideas.

Well, thanks for getting the creative juices flowing!!

~Happy writing!!

Day 5: Be Brief

You stumble upon a random letter on the path. You read it. It affects you deeply, and you wish it could be returned to the person to which it’s addressed. Write a story about this encounter.

Today’s twist: Approach this post in as few words as possible.

A Post it note, stuck to my shoe.  Obviously not meant for my eyes… or is it?  Yes, today IS my day to shine. We receive messages when we’re supposed to; at whatever lengths it takes.  This was written for someone else, but suddenly I feel as though it was meant for me too.


Day 4: The Serial Kiler

When I was 3, I was the innocent little sister with 2 older siblings; the baby of the family.  At 6, I was the annoying little sister who learned how to manipulate my older siblings to get what I wanted (which was mainly just to hang out with them).  At 14 I went out into the dating world as naïve as naïve could be.  Unfortunately, I took every boy/man at their word.  I believed them at face value.  But when the door closed and we were left alone, I had horrible things happen to me.  It was those horrible things that turned me into an angry, bitter, resentful person, looking to get revenge for any wrong doing against me.

I don’t know what triggered me to expel this nasty person from my body and mind, but she’s no longer there, and I’m forever grateful.  Through reading, and self educating, I’m now a very happy single mom to an 11 year old boy.  We practice the teachings of Buddhism (kindness) daily.  We do good, and have witnessed for ourselves that good things come back to us. 

The school year is almost over for my son.  We are going to spend summer vacation raising awareness for a disease that up until recently, I had no clue even existed.  There is currently no cure, but hopefully through our efforts and the efforts of others, we can change this.

I absolutely love the person I have become.  With the continuous help and support of my parents, that angry bitter self will never take over again.  I’m happy.  Life is good and only getting better.  The person I once was is gone…forever.  I cannot express enough gratitude for this. It is so much better to be kind and happy rather than mean and angry.

Out of all the people I have lost in my 35 years, I am most grateful for the loss of my former self.

Day 3

As soon as I read the assignment, all 3 songs popped instantly into my head.

Beachin’ by Jake Owen. My son and I crank this song driving down the road. I think it’s just a reminder that summer is finally here and we can enjoy the nice weather. It’s also a fun beat to jam out to.

Crazy Girl by Eli Young and – This is the kind of love I’m looking for. I want reassurance that he loves me as much as I love him. That no matter what obstacles we face, he’ll always be right here. When I love, I love with my whole heart. I guess I’m just looking for the same in return.

Roar by Katy Perry – This a song that I used to play for my son. I wanted him to hear this song everyday on his way to school so that he’d walk through those dreaded doors of the school with an air of confidence. HE was a tiger and everyone else was going to hear him roar.

Well, as much as I enjoy each of these assignments, this one was rather short and I need the break. After the past few days, I just want a nap. Thanks for sharing and helping to get us motivated. Anything forced out of me just ends up in the trash. Maybe I’ll try again later.