Daily Prompts – Antique Antics

What’s the oldest thing you own? Recount its history – from the objects point of view.

When I was about 14, I started collecting elephants.  Not just any kind of elephant.  They had to be top realistic looking.  My very first elephant is about an inch high, and if I’m going to write this from his point of you, let me start by saying he’s got a major superiority complex.  No matter how man times I’ve moved, or where ever we go, he always sits on a top shelf, above all the others.  He IS the oldest and therefore the wisest, so the top shelf just seems appropriate.

I only really collect 3 things… Elephants, blue glass and writing supplies.  They all have a special place in my heart.  But looking around the house, I can see that this particular elephant has been through it all with me.  If only he could talk…  He’d have a lot to say, I can assure you that much.  He isn’t ignored.  None of them are.  I dust out the cabinet regularly, and take pride in my collection.  So… let’s say this is now from HIS POV…

I spot her from across the room.  We make eye contact, and it’s love at first sight.  I am so cute that she forgets why she came into this store to begin with.  I’ve never had someone give me such attention!  I love it!!  My happiness is short-lived though.  I’m wrapped in uncomfortable tissue paper and put in a box for what seems like forever. At this point, I’d rather be back on that dusty shelf where I can at least enjoy the scenery.

When the bumpy ride is over, I start to see daylight.  It gets even brighter!  She’s taking me back out!  Oh, thank God!  This tissue paper has me itching all over.  I’m tossed around a bit, shown off (blushing), and before long, I’m placed on her dresser.  The room we share which I assume is hers, has so much more to see!  And colors!!  Look at all the colors!  And… I am officially named!!

I hear her talking all the time; on the phone, when friends come over, but she never talks to me.  I wish she would…  She’s sad today.  I wish I could talk so that I could cheer her up.  She cries herself to sleep most nights but I’m the only one who knows this.  And most times it’s because of some stupid boy.

As the years go by, we move around a lot.  I’m witness to all the special events (marriage, birth of a baby, watching the baby grow into a smart boy, divorce, watching her read and she’s forever writing).  I watch when no one else is around; I see what no one else gets to see.  She has added several other elephants to the cabinet where we reside, but I’m the only one she’s named, and from where I’m sitting (TOP SHELF) I can see more than the rest.

I don’t get as much attention as I once did, but I love my life with her.  She takes good care of me.  I wouldn’t want it any other way…


Fellow Bloggers, meet Oscar Dela Hoya Elephante’…


Sitting Top Shelf!!

Top Shelf




Day 5: Be Brief

You stumble upon a random letter on the path. You read it. It affects you deeply, and you wish it could be returned to the person to which it’s addressed. Write a story about this encounter.

Today’s twist: Approach this post in as few words as possible.

A Post it note, stuck to my shoe.  Obviously not meant for my eyes… or is it?  Yes, today IS my day to shine. We receive messages when we’re supposed to; at whatever lengths it takes.  This was written for someone else, but suddenly I feel as though it was meant for me too.


Day 3

As soon as I read the assignment, all 3 songs popped instantly into my head.

Beachin’ by Jake Owen. My son and I crank this song driving down the road. I think it’s just a reminder that summer is finally here and we can enjoy the nice weather. It’s also a fun beat to jam out to.

Crazy Girl by Eli Young and – This is the kind of love I’m looking for. I want reassurance that he loves me as much as I love him. That no matter what obstacles we face, he’ll always be right here. When I love, I love with my whole heart. I guess I’m just looking for the same in return.

Roar by Katy Perry – This a song that I used to play for my son. I wanted him to hear this song everyday on his way to school so that he’d walk through those dreaded doors of the school with an air of confidence. HE was a tiger and everyone else was going to hear him roar.

Well, as much as I enjoy each of these assignments, this one was rather short and I need the break. After the past few days, I just want a nap. Thanks for sharing and helping to get us motivated. Anything forced out of me just ends up in the trash. Maybe I’ll try again later.


Day 2: Room with a View



As soon as I close my eyes, I’m on that cliché deserted island.  Only it’s just off the coast of Australia.  Looking toward the land, the water is my favorite color blue.  The tide water hitting my shins is crystal clear.  I can see the fish swimming all around me, but they see my legs as foreign so for now they keep their distance.

As I make my way back to the beach, the sand is warm; not hot.  It feels therapeutic squishing between my toes.  Almost as though I should be paying some sort of pedicurist.  I head for the cluster of trees and sit in the shade with a good book.  Only… I don’t feel like reading right now.  I just want to soak up my surroundings.  It’s pure paradise.  I’m close enough to the land and can see the utter chaos of everyday life; people in a constant hurry to go where ever it is they’re going, yet far enough away that the sound of waves crashing washes away all the hectic noise.

The grass I’m sitting in is as green as I’ve ever seen it to be.  It’s long because no one mows it.  The flowers scattered here and there are more than likely weeds, but beautiful nonetheless.  I’d love to pick a bunch for my own selfish desire to enjoy their fragrance, but know better than to take their life.  I simply walk over and smell them all individually.  The sun is bright over the ocean, and very hot I imagine.  But I’m blessed to be covered in the shade of the trees.

From a distance I can hear my son belly laughing.  He has found himself a starfish and is fascinated with it’s movement.  He continues to watch this creature make it’s way beck into the depths of the water, and I am in pure bliss.  The love of my life comes up behind me and embraces in me in one of his infamous “Bear Hugs.”  We then sit and soak it all in.  We are not confined to a room or an office. We have no boundaries telling us we aren’t wanted on this tiny piece of land.  It’s just the 3 of us, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.


Maybe it’s because a trip to Australia is on my Bucket List.  Or maybe it’s because my mind is under immense stress at the moment.  I can’t answer why this is where my mind took me, but I’d do anything to be there right now.  I don’t even know that such a place exists.  I’d like to think so.  I’d like to think I’ll find it someday.  If Brad Pitt can buy an island, why can’t I?  Obviously mine would be much smaller in size… but if I could, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.  Day by day I watch my son get sucked up in conformity, and every night I have to remind him that he’s an individual.  I don’t think either of us would grow tired of the seclusion on this island.  I think it would be more beneficial than trying to live in a world where society dictates who we are/aren’t.  No electronics, but lots of notebooks and a few of my favorite pens.  Maybe some outdoor toys we could play with on the beach.  No cell phones interrupting intimate moments and no violent  video games “because everyone else has them.”

This is where I imagine myself going in moments of stress and anxiety.  It’s MY island.  With MY thoughts.  It’s protected in such a way that you need written permission to even step foot onto it.  Maybe we’ll allow visitors after a few months, but for the time being, we want to be left alone to enjoy our own company, and be conscious parents to this 11 year old boy who has already seen too much evil.  We aren’t interested in the 9-5 job, and have no problems living off the land.  Maybe I’ll plant a garden; my love will wash our clothes on the beach and my son will be educated through experience instead of a textbook.